THE ASK: A name synonymous with the great and the good of Irish motor sport since 1968, Mondello Park’s brand had, naturally enough after so many decades on the circuit, become outdated and no longer reflected the business as it is today. bigO was tasked with revving its engine again with a rebrand that accurately portrays the modern Mondello Park as the leading and vibrant multi-activity venue it’s grown to be, almost 50 years later. THE APPROACH : We completely renovated and resurrected the brand from its former old-fashioned style and imbued it with a much more modern and innovative image. We sought to showcase Mondello as an adaptable, savvy brand that offers more than the grit and adrenaline of motorsport, but one that uses its unique facilities, trusted origin and long-standing reputation to provide a variety of experiences.


MONDELLO'S ORIGINS: Jim Morrin, one of the company’s three founding directors, named Mondello after a beach in Palermo, in the Southern Italian region of Sicily. A small borough of Palermo city, Mondello’s beach lies between two rugged cliffs. Palermo’s iconic mountain, ‘Monte di Delo’, was named after the Greek mountain where the god of light, Apollo, is said to have been born. Over time the name ‘Monte di Delo’ evolved into Mondello. For the logo we drew on the inspiring imagery and ideas related to Mondello’s story, Greek mythology and of course symbols of speed - Apollo’s weapon of choice was a silver bow. bigO’s logo concept was informed by the bow’s arch. The design also encompassed rounded arches and a sleek, aerodynamic shape, associations with speed and luxury immediately became part of Mondello’s identity. The logo’s circular frame also salutes the core motif in motoring – the wheel. The typeface was designed to reflect the curves of the logo and the italic gives the subtle impression of movement.

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Award Category: Logos
Designer(s): Elanora Bigi