Future Vision of Migrant Healthcare

Currently there are over 65 million displaced people globally, and while healthcare is a basic human right, the growing number of migrants and refugees is making it increasingly difficult to provide care on the ground. Frontend approached the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), the global body responsible to migrant welfare, to propose a student design challenge to conceptualise a ‘Future Vision of Migrant Healthcare’. A creative environment was created where students from each institution, 10 in total, worked collaboratively with the Frontend team for three days and nights – sharing knowledge, learning from staff, and working towards better healthcare for some of the most vulnerable people on the planet. By combining design students from different colleges with different backgrounds  with the guidance of the Frontend team – the project was able to explore the problems facing migrants and propose conceptual solutions for the future vision of migrant health.

Additional Information

Award Category: Intrinsic Design - Collaborative Design
Designer(s): Frank Long
Entrant: Frontend.com