The HUB Controller

The designer set out to deliver a smarter thermostat, the Household Utility Bill (HUB) Controller, which gives the power back to the consumer. The challenge was to create a device that would easily replace a mechanical thermostat and elegantly sit on the wall while giving the family full control. They wanted to create a product that would echo what people would want their environment to be: safe, solid, trusted. Simplicity was vital and child safety was a key concern. They aimed to speed up the flow of installation, designing the unit to be extremely easy to fit in 5 minutes. They have created a user interface that is as simple and approachable as possible. Creating a unique scheduling feature that is controlled by mobile phone, it allows users to input their monthly spend and 'set it and forget it'.

Additional Information

Award Category: Product Design - Consumer Products
Designer(s): Kim Mackenzie-Doyle
Entrant: Hub Controls